Disaster Postcards

Introduction to Disasters Exhibition

The following images are of the San Francisco earthquake and fire that occurred in 1906. Our exhibit is meant to show the changes in San Francisco during and after the earthquake and fires compared to modern day. We hope that viewers of our exhibit will see the scale and magnitude of the San Francisco Earthquake and fire of 1906, and see how the city recovered from this disaster. These postcards give us a unique and special perspective of the disaster and the aftermath, and allows us to feel like we are experiencing the disaster as well. These postcards also helped to document the event, spread Information about the event and preserve it in history. These disaster postcards show different moments in history and can be compared to other postcards that were circulating during this time.

Here is a brief look at some of the selected postcards

Disaster Postcards Map

Linked below is a map of our disaster postcards situated in San Francisco, CA